Sponsor a Species to Support the Newfoundland Atlas!

Your species sponsorship will directly support the Newfoundland Breeding Bird Atlas, benefiting industry, government, conservation organizations, academic institutions, and the public in conservation planning, environmental assessments, education, and research.

How it works:

1. You select the species you would like to sponsor.
2. Follow the steps to make your donation.
3. Your name will appear on your species page in the final Atlas product.

Atlantic Puffin Photo: Jared Clarke

Tier 1 Species - $1000

Atlantic Puffin
Leach's Storm Petrel
Northern Hawk Owl

Northern Gannets Photo: Justin Peter

Tier 2 Species - $500+

Harlequin Duck
Rock Ptarmigan
Black Guillemot
Northern Gannet
Boreal Owl
American Three-toed
Peregrine Falcon
Brown Creeper
Bay-breasted Warbler

Evening Grosbeak Photo: Merri-Lee Metzger

Tier 3 Species - $150+

Wood Duck                
Long-tailed Duck
Willow Ptarmigan
Piping Plover
American Bittern
Great Blue Heron
Bald Eagle
Great Horned Owl
And many more!

Canada Jay Photo: Jane Potter

Tier 4 Species - $75+

Northern Pintail
American Woodcock
Common Murre
Common Loon
Northern Goshawk
Canada Jay
Barn Swallow
Hermit Thrush
Fox Sparrow
And many more!

Hooded Merganser Photo: Susi Grathwol
Tier 5 Species - $35+
Canada Goose
Hooded Merganser
Spruce Grouse
Least Sandpiper
Thick-billed Murre
Black-headed Gull
Northern Harrier
Alder Flycatcher
Pine Grosbeak
And many more!