You Can Help Loons

The Common Loon is a welcome sight on Canada’s lakes each year, bringing joy to residents, cottagers, and boaters. For many, its ethereal call embodies the very spirit of Canadian summer.

Will you be spending at least one day a month in June, July, and August at a lake graced by loons? You can help these elegant birds by participating in Birds Canada’s Canadian Lakes Loon Survey. Survey participants have been supporting loon and lake conservation for four decades by reporting on loon chick survival.

To learn more and sign up as a volunteer, visit

If you love loons but are unable to volunteer, please consider donating to support the Canadian Lakes Loon Survey

The Canadian Lake Loon Survey

The loon survey is important to the future of Canada’s loons. Common Loon populations are being negatively impacted by pollution, human disturbance, habitat loss, and other threats. Survey results indicate the average annual number of chicks produced per breeding pair has decreased over time across the country.