In addition to being Canada’s largest salmon-producing river, the Fraser River Estuary supports over 1.7 million birds annually, making it the most productive bird habitat in Western Canada. The Fraser Estuary is also internationally significant wetland habitat and a important Canadian contribution towards addressing the global biodiversity crisis. The birds of Fraser River Estuary need your help as the Fraser Estuary is currently threated by the proposed Roberts Bank Terminal 2 project.

Please add your name to those calling for the Federal Government to halt this proposed project. 


Dear Member of Parliament,

I write you in this time of ecological crisis asking you speak out against the proposed Roberts Bank Terminal 2 project located in the Fraser Estuary on the west coast of Canada. Our government has committed to building back our economy in a manner that enhances the resilience of our country. This can only be achieved if the infrastructure developed maintains the health and function of our environment.

The Port of Vancouver’s proposed Terminal 2 project will have significant adverse environmental impacts on a critical source of biological productivity on the west coast of Canada. The Federal Review Panel identified at least 77 negative impacts the project will have, ranging from effects on forage fish at the base of the food chain right through to the iconic Southern Resident Killer Whale.

As a nature lover with a particular interest in birds, I find it concerning that the project will have significant impacts on migratory birds, including putting the entire world’s population of Western Sandpipers at risk. The false trade-off of local biodiversity loss against broader economic growth leaves us all poorer in the long run. Once the Western Sandpipers are gone, we cannot bring them back.

Therefore, I’m asking you, as my representative in parliament, to speak in support maintaining the environmental integrity of the Fraser Estuary ecosystem and call on the Government of Canada to reject the Roberts Banks Terminal 2 Project.